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Scorpio Horoscope - Get your detailed yearly Scorpio Predictions for A time frame from the beginning of the year to the end of February seems to be productive and progressive. Scorpio Career & Business Horoscope Stay Updated With Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Horoscopes & Read.

Technical breakdowns and accidents are possible, including those caused by extreme weather conditions such as winds, storms, and hurricanes. Aries and Libras will feel the changes stronger than anyone, and while Aries are capable of making a stunning impression, then Libras may find that, on the contrary, something not entirely pleasant befalls them. May looks quieter, with only the first days and the middle of the month being restless. Problems with communication may arise around May , so it's better to postpone any meetings or signing of documents. From June 11 onwards, everything that was impeded in March will be achieved: reforms will be actively carried out, international relations will improve, liberation and social movements will find support, inspired by their leaders, while their opponents build up their strength in order to take revenge.

Society will receive a strong impulse for freedom and creation, seized by euphoria from the changes and new interests! New inventions and technical gadgets will appear, new styles will become trendy in fashion and design, and the brightest stars of show business will illuminate the stage.

International exhibitions, presentations, and charity festivals will be organised thanks to sponsors and patrons. Many will receive the opportunity to broaden their horizons through travel, moving, education and spiritual development. Success and recognition awaits Leos; Aries will experience changes and discover new interests, while Sagittarians and Gemini will be picked up by the tailwind!

Only Sagittarians and Scorpios born around November will feel limited. Scorpios can adapt to any situation — what doesn't kill them makes them stronger — but Sagittarians are too serious, so risk missing lucky opportunities. The most benevolent time of the year, a period which favours creativity, love and relaxation, comes at the end of June. Another favourable moment will come in the middle of August and after the 20th — feelings and interests will flare up with new energy; some will see their former loves return to them, and those who have not had time to relax will want to make up for lost time!

The second half of will bring a global clash of interests and open confrontation, both in the international arena and on a regional level, which will lead to coups, changes of regime, and the establishment and overthrow of dictators. It will be difficult for political leaders to come to agreement with each other, since the interests of power, industrialists and financiers are in direct opposition.

The most desperate confrontation will come about as a result of attempts by new political forces to carry out a repartition of the world according to their principles. From July 23 to August 10, peaking on August , attempts to frustrate the new political formations and movements cause a rise in social tension, bursts of protest and upheavals in power which in some places may even result in a revolutionary situation!

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Economic problems, bankruptcy and staff cuts will force many to search for other sources of a livelihood. This situation concerns Leos, Scorpios, Taureans and Aquarians most of all. Leos are in the best situation, since they have the chance to defend their position. From August 11 the ambitious projects of the first half of will be replaced by real plans, which will last until the autumn of People are more concerned with essential matters — work, health, daily life, the selection of goods in the shops and central heating in their houses. There is a growing tendency to unite along professional lines; workers will be able to achieve an improvement in their working conditions and the recognition of their rights.

Success will be achieved by those who work diligently for a common cause and don't try to hog the blanket for themselves! This period is most favourable for Virgos, Capricorns and Taureans.

People will become pickier about their diet and more attentive to their health, which will increase demand for health foods, eco-products, medical services and sport. A growth in the number of private farming enterprises and the fragmentation of large companies is a possibility.

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The number of low- and mid-level officials in large companies and government structures will grow. Proven scientific theories will gain acceptance. And the supposed authority of some academic, politician or celebrity may be rapidly deflated as a result of what seem to be sheer trifles. From August 25 until September 3, many will reap the rewards of their actions and receive what they deserve for their deeds, perhaps even high-profile court cases.

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September brings everything back down to earth — after all the pretentious proclamations, a real calculating of losses and attempts to reduce debt with credit are taking place, both on a national level and on a company level. Any kind of provocation could be used as a means to find capital, including a financial crisis. Unfulfilled promises, a rise in prices including for utilities and fuel , and dissatisfaction with working conditions and the health system may lead to officials being relieved of their posts — and not necessarily those who are genuinely guilty, but those who can be conveniently framed.

The eclipse of September 13 aggravates the situation. Corruption scandals, fuel disputes, and social anxiety over the threat of epidemics are all a possibility. The general public is now particularly suspicious and can easily lose trust in social networks or similar projects, for example, due to computer viruses or fraud. This situation will principally affect Virgos and Pisces, who should beware of financial blunders.

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Starting from September 17 and peaking at the beginning of October , it will be difficult for partners to reach agreement, and things could even go as far as legal proceedings! Delays occur as a result of confusion and procrastination with documents, and cases of their forgery become more and more widespread. The lunar eclipse of September 28, thickening the fog before the eyes, causes emotional tumult and pushes people into making a mistake, infidelity, betrayal, or breaking one's word or the law.

For a week before and during the week after the eclipse it will be easy to cause misunderstandings in personal relationships or fall victim to injustice. October is a time for big business and industrial capital. Large-scale projects will be realised, major deals will be concluded and important mergers will take place.

Companies that are opened from October 11 onwards will hit upon the tried and tested formula to success the best dates are October 13, 14, 19, 22, and This is a suitable time to promote and expand your business and resolve questions concerning property and finances. However, projects begun now cannot afford mistakes, since an accidental lack of foresight or dishonesty could ruin the whole thing and lead to court proceedings, especially for Libras and Aries!

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The principle for October is precise organisation and management. This is an especially fruitful time for Virgos, Capricorns, Taureans and Scorpios, who are capable of moving mountains and making a fortune! The period from October 14 to November 11 will raise the issue of justice and will bring legal proceedings in its wake. Many will be faced with making an important choice. It will be easy for Libras to make mistakes, confusing good and bad, and Aries will want to call their partners' bluff.

The time from October 24 to November 23 will spur a rebellious mood, causing outbreaks of protest and extremism; technical breakdowns and natural disasters may occur. Libras and Aries will be held hostage by unforeseen circumstances.

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Libras in particular would be better off quietly sitting out this autumn, trying not to make a mess of things, especially around November 30! From November 13 until December 14, , peaking at the turn of the month, a struggle for spheres of influence will be being waged against a background of tightening of sanctions, difficult or unpopular reforms and a growing economic crisis, which will spark off crimes by those with radical views, an ideological schism and a mood of panic in society.

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