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This may require bold moves on your part. Be prepared.

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You guys have your hands full. The business of keeping your act together has been deeply troubled by the fact that your inner child has been on a rampage for at least two months. All kinds of energy is turning up the volume on feelings that you thought you had under control. If the adult in you is feeling fat and sassy, the subterranean response is less sure of itself.

Putting on a happy face may get you through the day but what gets you through the night stopped working for you two or three months ago.

Horoscope for Saturday, 9/21/19 by Christopher Renstrom

Coming to terms with the inner piece is never easy but it's time to go there. You aren't sure about anything right now. In the depths of confusion, the question of where to go from here poses problems. On the one hand you can keep chasing the same old thing, but winding up in the same old place is all that will get you. At this point you are well aware that going down that road isn't going to work because too much has changed. There are other options.

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The deeper part of you is reluctant to pursue them because the fear of what is unknown is overriding the desire to break free. It's time to move mountains, or risk being buried by the past. It's been a long haul. Here you sit, wondering if things are finally ready to turn around. Either that or you're sitting on the cusp of failure. At the point where life is on the line, how we handle it is more important than whether things go the way we think they ought to.

You are in good shape if you are clear enough to be prepared for anything. This means that what you are hoping for is just about to pop and all you have to do is show up. If you are stuck on the idea that all things come to those who wait, guess again. This is one of those times when a little extra effort is required. It's a good thing you have an easy time and can make the most of whatever happens when everyone else has had their fill. This endless supply of energy is in a supercharged state that will allow you to carry on no matter what. Don't fret about whether you've got what it takes.

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You've proven yourself in the past. Lots of things are up in the air. For the next few weeks it would be great if you could let them idle and retreat to a place where your inner resources feed your outer life. PS: "Re-sourcing" things means that it's time to co-opt your energy to nurture the one who has to source it.

More than one flock of chickens is coming home to roost. The fact that it has taken this long to be able to put two-and-two together is blowing your mind. After all this time the truth about why certain choices were made is rising to the surface. In the midst of your newfound awareness, it's beginning to dawn on you that some tough choices have to be made.

The gap between what others expect and the need to be who you are comes down to holding your ground or realizing that you owe them your life.

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Actions have consequences and yours mean a lot to them. It's better to step back and study your rival instead.

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  • Look for the fatal flaw in the other side's strategy. It's there. Check it out because it has a stronger bearing on a decision than you think. July 22 - Aug. You'll soon be patching up differences. Go for it!

    What can be said? This story has been shared 63, times. This story has been shared 62, times. A Mercury-Pluto link on your birthday means you need to be a bit more ruthless with yourself on a mental level.

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    • Every thought that comes into your head over the coming year must be judged according to the facts, and fantasy thinking must be banished altogether. A showdown of some kind is likely today and it is of the utmost importance that you do not back down. If you do it will give your rivals and enemies the impression that you can be cowed into submission.

      You may enjoy taking the opposite view to most other people but you must also expect some kind of backlash. You do some of your best work under pressure and the work you do today will be out of this world.